American signature furniture is a company that sells furniture made in China. I purchased a recliner & sofa from them recently.

The furniture had a terrible odor. I looked underneath the recliner & found mold covering the pressed wood frame. I returned both pieces after this was discovered. They did give me a full refund.

The employees at the St. Petersburg (Pinellas Park) Florida store were very nice, they did not seem at all surprised about the mold or odor. I find this to be a company that purchases low end poor quality but nice looking furniture manufactured in China.

They are sister stores to Value City Furniture Stores in Illinois. Trust me when I say, you get what you pay for.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Signature Recliner.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #774822

i am having the same problem just paid over 2k for a living room set. mold and rust on screws.

my family is sick now from the mold. i wonder if its worth getting a pro to come out and document the mold issue as i believe my family will be going to the dr. i cant stop coughing and and i have running nose feels like a flu? every time i leave the room the furniture is in everything clears up for the most part all but the coughing part.

i dont know what to do?

did you have to throw everything in your house away because of the mold or did you get sick from it? metalmermaid0@aol.com (zero on the end of metalmermaid) thanks :upset

to metalmermaid0 Chicago, Illinois, United States #1158933

If you seriously think the furniture might affect your family's health, why are you not removing it from your home immediately? Isn't your family's health more important to you than some junky furniture?

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